Monday, October 6, 2014

The Turtles Greatest Hits

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                  The Turtles Greatest Hits
Time : 1.26.50

The Turtles Collection :
00:00 Happy Together
02:56 She'd Rather Be With Me
05:17 You Know What I Mean
07:17 Outside Chance
09:23 Too Young To Be One
11:21 Grim Reaper Of Love
14:03 Can I Get To Know You Better
16:40 We'll Meet Again
19:08 So Goes Love
21:46 Rugs Of Wood And Flowers
24:49 Person Without A Care
27:09 Me About You
29:38 The Walking Song
32:19 Guide For The Married Man
35:00 Think I'll Run Away
37:29 Makin' My Mind Up
39:44 Moving Targets
44:32 Dance This Dance
47:49 The Battle Of The Bands
50:03 Let Me Make Love To You
52:26 Rebecca

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