Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jason Derulo's Greatest Hits

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                  Jason Derulo's Greatest Hits
Time : 1.56.48

00:00 Talk Dirty
02:57 Wiggle
06:10 Don't Wanna Go Home
09:36 Ridin' Solo.
13:13 The Other Side
17:00 It Girl
20:12 Marry Me
23:58 Trumpets
27:35 Breathing
31:29 Stupid Love
35:04 In My Head
38:22 Whatcha Say
42:05 What If
45:28 The Sky's the Limit
49:13 Fight for You
53:15 Undefeated
56:51 Fallen
1:00:08 Be Careful
1:03:42 Blind
1:07:19 Encore
1:11:04 Queen of Hearts
1:14:01 Perfect
1:18:20 Tonight
1:21:36 Bleed Out
1:25:45 Pick Up the Pieces
1:29:19 Strobelight
1:32:21 She Flies Me Away
1:35:55 Overdose

Jason Derulo, Singer-songwriter
Jason Joel Desrouleaux, better known by his stage name Jason Derulo, is an American singer-songwriter and dancer. 
Born: September 21, 1989 (age 25), Miami, Florida, United States
Height: 1.84 m

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