Monday, October 6, 2014

The Everly Brothers Greatest Hits

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                  The Everly Brothers Greatest Hits
Time : 1.26.51

The Everly Brothers Collection:
00:00 All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers
02:27 Be Bop a Lula - The Everly Brothers
04:46 Claudette - The Everly Brothers
07:01 Let It Be Me
09:38 Like Strangers
11:39 Poor Jenny
13:51 That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
17:03 Til I Kissed You
19:27 When Will I Be Loved
21:32 Bird Dog
23:45 Bye Bye Love
26:08 Devoted to You
28:31 Problems
30:28 Take a Message to Mary
32:54 Wake up Little Suzy
34:54 This Little Girl of Mine
37:11 Since You Broke My Heart
39:08 Love of My Life
41:15 Brand New Heartache
43:33 Hey Baby Doll

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