Monday, October 6, 2014

BWO Greatest Hits

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 BWO Greatest Hits
Time : 1.25.51

BWO Collection :
00:00 Sunshine In The Rain - BWO
04:01 Sunshine In The Rain (Bodies Without Organs) - BWO
07:19 Say I Love You - B.W.O
11:41 Will My Arms Be Strong Enough - B.W.O
15:57 Youre Not Alone (Disco Version) - BWO
19:01 Youre Not Alone (Ballad Version) - BWO
22:04 King Of Tomorrow (Ballad Version) - BWO
25:52 Kings Of Tomorrow (Disco Version) - BWO
29:38 Shoot From The Heart - BWO
33:12 Love Came Crashing Down - BWO
36:40 In To Deep - BWO
40:46 Singing In My Car - BWO
44:23 A Litle Bit Of Lilala - Colonia - BWO
48:31 Conquering America - BWO
51:58 Temple of Love - BWO
54:47 We Could Be Heroes - BWO

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